Polly Cannella

Countries Traveled to

Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, China, Indonesia, Netherlands, Brussels, Italy, Brazil, and France

Chances are, you’ll feel closer to others and the world around you after you spend some time with Polly Cannella’s work. The Los Angeles-based lifestyle, portrait, and travel photographer’s imagery—full of warmth and emotion—revolves around a feeling of community, candid moments, and an undeniable empathy for everyone in front of her lens. “I want my photographs to feel natural, whether I’m shooting a big production or a spontaneous travel moment,” she says.

A former account executive and project manager at Ogilvy, Polly launched her photo career 10 years ago with a four-month stint shooting for an NGO in Cambodia, followed by two months of backpacking in Southeast Asia. These far-flung experiences strengthened her uncanny ability to make others feel at ease and left her with a photojournalist’s appreciation for authenticity.

“Lifestyle photography allows me to create moments from nothing,” she says. “Maybe the models have never met or the subjects are nervous. Whatever it is, it’s my job as a photographer to elicit a genuine emotion and capture it.”


Los Angeles
(804) 517-8805